This is what I’m up to… now.


Currently, I am blogging for Boing Boing, and working on special projects for both Burning Man and Pee-wee Herman.

This weekend, I’m finally taking the first steps on the journey to overcome my fear of public speaking. I’ll be participating in Women Talk Design’s two-day course on “crafting your first talk and delivering it with confidence.” Wish me luck!

Am looking for work. Know anyone looking for a creativemarcomwriterbloggercontentmanager type? Drop me a line: rusty [at] blazenhoff [dot] com.


Each week, I publish an inbox zine (a term I coined; much better than “e-newsletter,” right?) called Rusty’s Electric Dreams. It’s for positive deviants and the people who love them. This is the start of its fifth year.

In April, I’m headed to Scottsdale to work/play at Arizona Tiki Oasis. Tally-ho to the Valley Ho!

Also, start saving your quarters, there’s a vending machine in the House of Flufftown Follies (aka my home). Especially if you like weird socks.


I’m breaking my ban of attending giant stadium shows to take my 14-year-old to see Panic at the Disco. Anything for that kid, I tell you.

I also nabbed tickets to see Hannah Gadsby perform on May Day. Squee!

Updated: Thursday, February 13, 2019

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