This is what I’m up to… now.


I currently work with Pee-wee Herman, Boing Boing, and Children’s Fairyland. Yes, really!


I publish an inbox zine (a term I coined; much better than “e-newsletter,” right?) called Rusty’s Electric Dreams. It’s for positive deviants and the people who love them (probably you). It’s now in its seventh year. People like it.

[11/10/21] What’s in my trophy case?

[10/27/21] “Fluffernutter” is an official dictionary word!

[9/20/21] Never in a million years did I think that I would be an artist in a Sotheby’s auction. But, here we are.
[10/5/21] And then I punked it.
[10/7/21] And then I learned it was also punked by other people.
[10/8/21] And then my auction lot sold for $2268, over 1000% above its listed value.
[10/27/21] And then I wrote about punking it again.

[5/28/21] Kevin Kelly and Mark Frauenfelder invited me to be a guest on their Cool Tools podcast! I talk about how researching my ancestry changed my life, my glow-in-the-dark water bottle, all the things I make with my new-ish Cricut (pronounced: cricket), and how I get off a Zoom call fast.

[3/11/21] Rusty’s Electric Dreams was added to CreativeMornings‘ “most anticipated newsletters” list.

[3/19/21] The first season of The Real World is part of my pop culture DNA. Pleased as punch to go through the New York reunion episode with the TV Show Show podcast again.


[03/19/22] Went on a fun field trip with friends to the Rosie the Riveter historical park in Richmond, CA. If you go, take a drive through Point Richmond. It’s darling! If you’re lucky, their natatorium will be open.

[9/23/20] I dropped 50.5 bits of hard-earned wisdom on my 50th birthday.  You’re welcome.

Updated: Monday, March 21, 2022

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