This is what I’m up to… now.


My new gig with Children’s Fairyland is awesome! I am also still working with Pee-wee Herman, Boing Boing, and Burning Man.


Each week, I publish an inbox zine (a term I coined; much better than “e-newsletter,” right?) called Rusty’s Electric Dreams. It’s for positive deviants and the people who love them. It’s now in its fifth year.

Is your fur-friend ready for the social media limelight? Blazenhoff’s Wigs for Cats pop-up boutique is open for business! (Don’t have a cat? No problemo. There are also wigs for Fluff, and a real jar is included.)

Archie McPhee had me as a guest on their podcast — a first for me!

Have you been saving your quarters? There’s a vending machine in the House of Flufftown Follies (aka my home) that eats them. You need an invitation to visit though.


I have loads of work so there’s not too much play for me right now. But I’ll be back into it come September.

Updated: Monday, August 12, 2019

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