Fungi-ble Tokens, a tangible social currency by Blazenhoff Industries for Game of Shrooms 2021

Fungi-ble Tokens, an eight-piece series that imagines social currency as tangible objects, were created for Attaboy’s 2021 Game of Shrooms. Each one of these eight unique wooden tokens will (hopefully) be found through the game on Saturday, June 12, 2021. The finder of each Fungi-ble Token will be given the option to claim the digital component of their art, ie. the NFT, non-fungible token, on (art is free, some ETH gas fees may apply). Work-in-progress updates and game-day clues will be revealed on my alt-Instagram account, @TheRealLynneWhite.

Did you find a Fungi-ble Token? Email me at if you’d like to claim the NFT version of your art!!

Tender Tinies, 2021 (#1 of 8)

Fuzzy Wuzzy, 2021 (#2 of 8)

Aw, nuts!, 2021 (#3 of 8)

Fun Guys, 2021 (#4 of 8)

Peking Mongrel, 2021 (#5 of 8)

Poppit, 2021 (#6 of 8)

Cherry Poppit, 2021 (#7 of 8)

Poppit Too, 2021 (#8 of 8)