Rusty Blazenhoff: Fluff superfan

I’m obsessed with Fluff. Marshmallow Fluff.

I make and collect art (and art-products) inspired by Fluff. People make and gift me Fluff-inspired art, like this amazing bell jar dioramaMy logo is a visual portmanteau of the iconic Fluff jar and my last name.  I run an Fluff-focused Instagram as Lynne White, the “Betty Crocker” of Fluff.  Every holiday season, I make my award-winning Fluffernutter Fudge to bring to parties and to give to friends. I once won first place in a mid-century supper club contest with my Fluffernutter fudge tree. I’ve served Fluffernutters at the Archie McPhee store in Seattle (they later made a finger puppet in my likeness!). My daughter judged a Fluff cooking contest with the astronaut who brought Fluff to space. In 2019, I created an elaborate “Fluffernutter the Clown” costume for myself. If there’s a news article about Fluff, my inbox will be filled with emails from folks making sure I saw it. 

But even I didn’t know that I was a superfan of Fluff until I saw it in print. In 2017, Fluff celebrated its 100th anniversary. The book that tells its tale, “Fluff: The Sticky Sweet Story of an American Icon” by Mimi Graney, was published that same year. In the chapter “Ladies Love Fluff,” Mimi shared a story of mine about how I wrote to Durkee-Mower, the company who makes Fluff, about its fictional lady mascot. It starts, “Rusty Blazenhoff, a Marshmallow Fluff super fan, wrote to Lynne White in 1996.”

Hi, I’m Rusty Blazenhoff, a Fluff superfan. My identity is forever enveloped in sugary sweet white stuff (not as messy as it sounds!).

“Rusty Blazenhoff: One Bad Apple”

So, I got some “fan mail” shortly after I published the last issue of my zine.

Hrm, ok. I’d better respond quickly to that. I certainly don’t mean to offend:

Well, that’s the end of that. What can ya do? “Eat Fuck Kill” isn’t for everyone, I guess. <shrug>

[10 minutes later]

Oh, wait, a response. Oh good, they are offering me a second chance. I’d better read the entire thing. Looks long though.

YIPES. What do I do?! <composes self>

Ok, what else can I do?

I’m SURE that will be the end of THAT.

Oh, wait…they’ve already written back:

A friend made this wise suggestion:

Again, this is the zine issue in question.


Cool Tools podcast show notes

Rusty Blazenhoff and her Italian cousin Giuseppe Petrucci in Vignarola, outside of San Giovanni Incarico, Italy (2015)
photo by Carolyn Anhalt

A couple of things I’ve made with my Cricut Maker:

Blazenhoff Industries holiday card/ornament “in the wild” (2020)
Made using vintage album covers, postcards, and Marimekko postcards
1962 Fawn cigarette machine boxes
Box template came from JustGreatPrintables/Etsy