Wigs for Cats

Missy, who was part of our initial “Wigs for Cats” program in 2017, still — to this day, in this image — wears the soft, flowing (and now discontinued) “Bang-Bang.”

UPDATE THURSDAY 8/22: SOLD OUT! Thanks for playing. Fluff wigs are sold out too!

Ok, so here’s the deal…

I came into some tiny wigs. Little tiny — but really high quality — synthetic wigs. I noticed immediately that they’re the perfect size for cat heads. Most of them anyway, some are really tiny (more on that later).

So, I’ve accepted this is my life now and that it’s my job to get them into the right hands and onto the right heads.

(Someday maybe I’ll share the story of how they came into my possession. But for now, like rescues, they need to find homes.)

Instead of me showing you all the different styles, lengths, and colors, I am going to have you describe your cat to me and then I’ll choose the perfect wig for them based on your answers. I’ll mail it to you with a personalized letter that tells you the name of the wig and why I choose it for your cat. I’ll also give you a special hashtag to use if you decide to share a photo of your newly-coiffed kitty on social media. Because, hello, that’s part of the fun.

Yep, I decided to make a game out of it. Because when I saw these little teeny tiny wigs, I literally laughed out loud. The thought of folks putting them on their cats (briefly! quickly! Don’t anger your fur-baby!) and taking a photo to share really tickled me. So here we are.

This idea might fail. I’m expecting to fail. Even at $20/wig, I don’t know how I’ll break even on this. There’s simply not enough inventory and I’ve already put a ton of my time into the project. It doesn’t matter. It’s all worth it to me because it’s already brought me joy. Let me send you some of this joy… seriously.

I’ll even ship it for free.

Fill out this form. That’s the first thing:


If it’s easiest to PayPal me the $20, use this button:

Otherwise, you can pay me through Venmo (@Blazenhoff) or through Cash ($blazenhoff). Once I have your payment, I’ll work on choosing your cat’s wig and getting it out the door to you.

It helps me if I can see what your cat looks like. So, if you remember, email me a photo of your cat’s head to rusty@blazenhoff.com. 

Please note:

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Once payment has been made, I cannot offer any refunds or exchanges.

Thank you for giving your fur-friend the gift of a high-quality wig from Blazenhoff Industries.

Wait. What’s that? You don’t HAVE a cat? You poor thing! Well, don’t despair, remember I told you I had even tinier wigs? Well, I figured out what to do with THOSE

I’m calling this one the “Cousin Oliver.”

(All of this was created by Rusty Blazenhoff, with a big nod to this lady.)