Fluff Wigs

The “Youngest One in Curls,” a tribute to Fluff aficionado Susan Olsen, aka TV’s Cindy Brady

Because Fluff is naked-headed without it

You heard all the fuss about Fluff but did you know that each jar is sent from the factory… BALD?! It’s true! Thankfully, there’s something that can be done to remedy that. Here at Blazenhoff’s Emporium of Fluff Wigs, we know you don’t want to face the shame of displaying a jar of bald Fluff, that’s why we’ve started this special wig-fitting service. We believe in matching the right wig to the right jar of Fluff by hand-selecting the style, length, and color that best fits its personality. Plus, for one low fee, we also supply the newly-coiffed jar of Fluff that you will adopt into your home! 

Yup, I figured out quickly that the wigs that were too tiny for cat heads fit the top of a jar of Fluff real nice.

I’m offering the same deal as the cat wigs except that Fluff wigs are $25 because I include a jar of fresh Fluff with it!

Don’t forget to send $25 through this PayPal button:

Unless you’re more of a Venmo or Cash person, I’m @blazenhoff and $blazenhoff respectively.

Thank you for covering up your new Fluff-friend with a high-quality wig from Blazenhoff Industries.