Rusty Blazenhoff: Fluff superfan

I’m obsessed with Fluff. Marshmallow Fluff.

I make and collect art (and art-products) inspired by Fluff. People make and gift me Fluff-inspired art, like this amazing bell jar dioramaMy logo is a visual portmanteau of the iconic Fluff jar and my last name.  I run an Fluff-focused Instagram as Lynne White, the “Betty Crocker” of Fluff.  Every holiday season, I make my award-winning Fluffernutter Fudge to bring to parties and to give to friends. I once won first place in a mid-century supper club contest with my Fluffernutter fudge tree. I’ve served Fluffernutters at the Archie McPhee store in Seattle (they later made a finger puppet in my likeness!). My daughter judged a Fluff cooking contest with the astronaut who brought Fluff to space. In 2019, I created an elaborate “Fluffernutter the Clown” costume for myself. If there’s a news article about Fluff, my inbox will be filled with emails from folks making sure I saw it. 

But even I didn’t know that I was a superfan of Fluff until I saw it in print. In 2017, Fluff celebrated its 100th anniversary. The book that tells its tale, “Fluff: The Sticky Sweet Story of an American Icon” by Mimi Graney, was published that same year. In the chapter “Ladies Love Fluff,” Mimi shared a story of mine about how I wrote to Durkee-Mower, the company who makes Fluff, about its fictional lady mascot. It starts, “Rusty Blazenhoff, a Marshmallow Fluff super fan, wrote to Lynne White in 1996.”

Hi, I’m Rusty Blazenhoff, a Fluff superfan. My identity is forever enveloped in sugary sweet white stuff (not as messy as it sounds!).

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