“Rusty Blazenhoff: One Bad Apple”

So, I got some “fan mail” shortly after I published the last issue of my zine.

Hrm, ok. I’d better respond quickly to that. I certainly don’t mean to offend:

Well, that’s the end of that. What can ya do? “Eat Fuck Kill” isn’t for everyone, I guess. <shrug>

[10 minutes later]

Oh, wait, a response. Oh good, they are offering me a second chance. I’d better read the entire thing. Looks long though.

YIPES. What do I do?! <composes self>

Ok, what else can I do?

I’m SURE that will be the end of THAT.

Oh, wait…they’ve already written back:

A friend made this wise suggestion:

Again, this is the zine issue in question.


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