How I voted on the California propositions (2020)

Me working the poles, I mean polls, in the 2016 election.

This week I voted by mail, after spending a lot of time doing my research. So, I thought it might be helpful to offer a sort of Blazenhoff Voter’s Guide to the California propositions. 

This is how I voted (YMMV):

14 – No to borrowing money for more stem cell research
15 – YES to taxing the properties of big corporations to fund schools/communities (duh)
16 – Yes to repealing the 1996 ban on Affirmative Action
17 – YES to allowing parolees to VOTE!
18 – Yes to allowing 17-year-olds to VOTE in primaries
19 – No to hiking a tax for property inheritance (almost a ‘yes’ from me)
20 – No to rolling back criminal justice reforms
21 – YES to allowing cities to expand rent control
22 – No (personal experience as a gig worker and this swayed me)
23 – No need to have physicians in dialysis clinics
24 – No to redoing current privacy laws (ACLU against too)
25 – Yes to eliminating cash bail which favors the wealthy (tough decision too)

To help make these decisions, I consulted these websites (and sought the advice of smart/trusted/knowledgeable friends):

I’m keeping track of my mailed-in ballot through “Where’s My Ballot?”

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